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Radon Testing and Mitigation Services  See this website for Radon (Rn222) questions and answers.  Contact radonbc to find out how you can measure and mitigate Rn222 in your home or workplace.

Concrete Coring - Concrete Cutting Ground Penetrating Radar Scans


  • Holes cored for electrical, data, or plumbing line placement
  • Openings created for dryer vents, chimney vents & HVAC lines
  • Cored holes for anchor bolts, railing anchors and dowels
  • Cored holes for utility tie ins, water & sewer upgrades
  • Underground utility construction pipe or conduit openings


  • Concrete and asphalt cutting & removal to access utilities
  • Trenching and removal for pipe or conduit placement
  • Finished edge to place new surface against
  • Deteriorated slab removal for placement of new patios etc
  • Window & door openings and enlargements


  • 3D non-destructive imaging of subsurface obstructions, rebar & utilities
  • Detect conduit, plumbing, in floor heating, voids etc before you cut
  • Locate and mark live electrical lines in concrete walls & floors
  • Depth slice images of rebar, electrical, or plumbing lines
  • Determine slab or wall thickness for construction planning

My Service Promise

  • Double A Services is an owner operator run company
  • I take pride in full consultation and careful planning
  • My equipment includes a wet vacuum for complete clean up
  • From Cut Up To Clean Up...I won't leave you in a mess